Aesop in La Comercial

An Australian niche cosmetic brand created with botanic ingredients.

The use of natural ingredients in the cosmetic industry as grown exponentially in the last years.

Nevertheless, Aesop, one of the most important brands in this sector, was created more than 20 years ago by Dennis Paphitis, a hairdresser son of Greek immigrants. Who was raised in the suburbs on Melbourne.

Since created in 1987, the Australian brand has been dedicated in creating high quality products for facial, body and hair care. With proven scientific benefits provided by natural extracts of plants.

Aesop Body Care

Contemporary technology and a solid scientific base

Aesop has maintained an independent focus on the research and development of its products. The team of qualified chemists gather ingredients from the most renown suppliers worldwide.

The philosophy of the brand

One of the particularities that differentiates Aesop from the rest of its competitors, it’s the philosophy behind the brand.

While the cosmetic industry focuses on combating age effects with anti-aging products, Aesop focuses on dealing, heal and protect the skin as a part of a daily routine.

Aesop by Derek Henderson

Antioxidant campaign created by Derek Henderson in 2020

Aesop does not want to sell you the elixir of eternal youth, but is committed to protect your skin and accepting its natural beauty.

Its universe has been created with rigor through a solid scientific base.

The brand is pronounced in favour of using its cosmetics “as part of a balanced life, that includes healthy diet, reasonable exercise, moderate consumption of red wine and regular doses of stimulating literature”.

Seeking Silence Facial Hydrator

Sustainable design from pharmaceutical inspiration

Aesop does not include more packaging than is strictly necessary and sells its products in containers that resemble apothecary jars. Its packaging is made of renewable materials not harmful to the environment.

The interest in smart and sustainable design extends to all facets of the brand’s internal workings.

Aesop is 100% vegan

None of their products contain ingredients or by-products derived from animals. In addition, neither its ingredients nor its products are tested on animals. Nor do they sell their products where the law requires animal testing.

Aesop In Two Minds

Why are Aesop products so special?

The most remarkable thing about its products is the predominance of natural botanical ingredients and their scents.

The large number of essences used make the experience when applying the products very pleasant if we like botanical, citric and plant scents.

Its formulations of the highest quality, have a scientific support guarantees all of their products.

All the available Aesop products are: body, facial and hair line. More recently they have incorporated a line of “eau de parfum” and a collection of home fragrances.

Recommended products to take care of the skin in a urban environment

Aesop Body Care
Aesop Linea Semilla de Perejil

Parsley Seed line:

One of Aesop best sellers is the Parsley Seed line, this products base is the parsley seed. Its formulations are designed to take care of the skin that is exposed to the daily stress of city life.

After extensive research, Aesop proved that these products are very effective in supplying vitamins and antioxidants to the skin. The parsley seed extract provides the skin with fortifying and restorative benefits.

Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum

Facial hydrating cream

A lightweight formulation with a complex blend of anti-oxidant and skin-softening ingredients in a soothing Aloe Vera base.

Ingredients: Grape seed, panthenol, parsley seed.

Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque

Face cleanser

This deep cleansing mask contains a clay-based formula, suitable for most skin types.

Ingredients: Grape seed, panthenol, parsley seed

Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Eye Serum

Facial hydrating cream

A potent serum formulated with vitamin C and anti-oxidants to hydrate, nourish and protect the delicate skin around the eyes.

Ingredients: Parsley seed, lavender stem, blue chamomile

Aesop Skin Care

In urban environments it is necessary to use products that contain antioxidants to protect the skin. Many Aesop products contain vitamin C, which are very important for keeping the skin hydrated. A good example of this is the Perfect Facial Hydrating Cream.

Perfect Facial Hydrating Cream

Facial hydrating cream

A sumptuous cream combining potent doses of rejuvenating Vitamins C and E with intensely hydrating botanical butters and oils to nourish and replenish skin. Suited to normal and dry to very dry skin, smokers, frequent travellers, winter and cool climates.

Arrival Travel Kit

Travel Set

Aesop travel kits are the perfect size and are very useful for carrying everything you need for the trip. This set includes the basic products for hair and body care, providing gentle and aromatic cleansing and hydration.

Where can you buy Aesop?

Aesop expresses itself through the design of its spaces, and has more than a hundred stores worldwide. Carried out in collaboration with exceptional architects, they reveal their unequivocal belief that well thought out design improves our lives. They are unique spaces, as all the stores are different from another.

Aesop store in Berlin

Aesop store in Berlin

At La Comercial, you will find a space dedicated to the brand in Rec nº73 in Barcelona and also online.

If you still do not know the Australian brand, we invite you to come and try its products so you can understand why Aesop has made a name for itself in the competitive world of international cosmetics. See you soon!

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