Vava x La Comercial

A limited edition of 30 units exclusively

Today we would like to show you our collaboration with the Portuguese firm Vava Eyewear.

The Vava x La Comercial sunglasses are a limited edition of 30 handmade units with 100% recyclable cellulose acetate from Mazzucchelli and super lightweight aluminum hinges.

Vava x La Comercial

Another key aspect of VAVA is the use of crystal lenses. This reinforces the unique nature of the brand. VAVA believes that only the natural purity of glass can ensure the best optical precision of a lens and the inalterability of its characteristics in time, along with its typical and unique transparency.

VAVA uses exclusively Barberini lenses, which, for many years Barberini has been synonym of excellence in the optical glass sun lenses segment. Barberini was among the first companies in the field to achieve the UNI EN ISO 14001 Environmental Certification.

Vava Eyewear

The Vava x La Comercial glasses are made of anodized aluminium, and include a colour detail on the top, a red stripe that highlights the pure shapes of the frame. The collaboration is now on sale exclusively in our stores in Barcelona.

VAVA Eyewear, a conceptual and visionary firm in its essence

VAVA represents the deceleration of a technologically fast and saturated world of consumption. Pure lines, associated with a conceptual language, a mixture of art and machinery.

Vava Eyewear

Vava is inspired by the post-industrial world in which cities like Detroit, once a symbol of industrial prosperity, collapsed dramatically and were forced to reinvent themselves to ensure their survival.

In addition, there is also a strong link with Berlin, another post-industrial city, which shares many similarities with Detroit, as well as many differences, which is what makes both cities so interesting and unique.

Vava The Lenses

The firm makes its collections by hand in a small family factory in Italy. A limited production where creative freedom and quality are the main values.

Vava Eyewear
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