Studio Job in Chamber, NYC

Exhibit created by Dutch designers from Studio Job in Chamber, NYC

What is a concept Store?

A Concept Store is a commercial space that offers creative and inspiring proposals. These multi-brand stores, which have been booming in recent years, are places where art, culture and commerce fuse without any established rules.

Merci - Paris

Installation in Merci, Paris

A solid proposal to make a stance against impersonal retail

The Concept Stores are the answer to the invasion of the big retail chains.

These exclusive and personal spaces dictate the shopping experience of the XXI century. These places are created to entertain while shopping.

Inspiring spaces where decoration is a key factor

A unique and personal decoration is a key piece in this type of establishment. It is the common tread that helps spread the message and live the experience.

They are very exclusive stores based on a very specific lifestyle proposal that is transmitted through the design of the establishment, its particular selection and atmosphere.

Zhongshuge ​- Yangzhou

Zhongdhuge, Yangzhou library design by XL studio

Concept Stores you should know

Scattered around the world, these avant-garde beacons have swept cities like Paris, Milan and London, and are setting trends in the evolution of retail in recent years.

Their clients want to be surprised by products they didn’t even know existed. As Coco Chanel said: “La moda no es algo que existe solo en los vestidos. “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”.

Here are the Concept Stores you can’t miss. Our recommendations:

Dover Street Market - London

Dover Street Market, owned by Rei Kawakubo, founder of Comme des Garçons, operates under an anarchic concept in which there are no rules.

Dover Street Market - London

The global image of Dover Street Market is that an ordered chaos. In which totally opposite fashion concepts work perfectly in the context of the establishment. Furthermore, it is the brands themselves that must present a concept and develop it in the provided space.

L'Eclaireur - Paris

At L’Eclaireur, the most avant-garde clothing, design objects and jewels are displayed alongside the works of art of the most underground artists of the moment.

L'Eclaireur - Paris

Everything is arranged in a way that when you cross the door of their stores you will feel that you’re in a unique place that offers an eclectic and visionary proposal.

Casa Cavia - Buenos Aires

Casa Cavia is an exclusive proposal in Buenos Aires that includes restaurant, editorial, bookstore, florist and perfumery.

Casa Cavia - Buenos Aires

Located in a 1920 mansion in the emblematic neighbourhood of Palermo Chico, this concept store is a hedonist space where everything is designed so that books, flowers, perfumes and gastronomy are enjoyed just as if the were works of art.

La Comercial - Barcelona

La Comercial is a concept of 5 stores. In an innovative environment and with a very careful selection of products, it offers a differentiated experience, which makes customers feel at ease and where they can find what they like.

Its proposal includes a wide but careful selection of international men’s and women’s fashion brands, home accessories, fragrances and lifestyle.

La Comercial - Barcelona

It is a concept store, but with the added change of location that leads the costumer to move through the different stores, through pedestrian streets until finding the right product, at Rec and Bonaire street, in El Born neighbourhood.

This format, has the advantage that each space can be designed in a coherent way to the concept and the products that are sold, and with the added value of being able to offer a more personalized attention.

Voo Store - Berlin

Voo Store is a conceptual space located in an old locksmith in the neighbourhood of Kreuzberg.

Voo Store - Berlin

It is a paradise for lovers of fashion, art and design that offers a careful selection of designer brands and local and international products.

It is a place for art exhibitions and books, magazines and cinema presentations. At the Voo Store you can also find a coffee shop, a place to relax and read some of the latest design magazines.

Chamber - New York

Chamber Chamber is a hybrid gallery and store that describes itself as a cabinet of curiosities of the XXI century. Each collection of objects presented is selected by a guest from the design and art field.

Chamber - NYC

Like a museum or an art exhibition, this approach connects the objects for sale with a unique history. The result is a mix of antiques and rare items, new products and limited-edition creations.

10 Corso Como - Milano

10 Corso Como is a multicultural space that offers a hotel, restaurant, boutique, art gallery and bookshop.

10 Corso Como - Milano

In the section dedicated to fashion, there is a proposal of prestigious designers and on the upper floor there is an art gallery curated by Carla Sozzani.

It is a magical place where you can also read a book while you enjoy a cappuccino in the winter garden surrounded by green.

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