Niche perfumes in La Comercial

Niche fragrances, author, indie … Haute couture perfume that tells stories with unique aromas.

If we want to explain in a few words what niche perfumes are, we could define them as unconventional and high quality fragrances, created around a unique creative concept.

They are called “niche” because they occupy a small space in the market, and they are distributed in carefully chosen places: unique spaces that offer personalized and close treatment, to create a memorable shopping experience.

Spirito by Meo Fusciuni

When they arise. The booming trend of the 21st century.

Author fragrances emerge at the beginning of this century in France and Italy to become a trend that is conquering more and more people around the world.

"The Nose", creators of fragrances.

These olfactory poems are created with quality ingredients, by the most recognized noses. Nose is the name that the fragrance creators receive, and behind each great perfume, there is an “alchemist” that combines exquisite aromas transforming them into perfumes.

Jean-Claude Ellena

Jean-Claude Ellena, the great perfectionist

If we talk about perfumes, we cannot fail to name the great Jean-Claude Ellena. Born in Grasse in a family of perfumers, he specializes in luxury brands and was the first nose of Hermès. He is the author of such emblematic perfumes as Terre d'Hermès or In Love Again for Yves Saint Laurent.

Alessandro Gualtieri

Alessandro Gualtieri, the irreverent perfumer

The Milanese perfumer, aka "the crazy nose" is a world reference in the niche perfumery. Creator of Nasomatto y Orto ParisiGualtieri is an extravagant genius who denies all the usual rules of the world of perfumes.

What are the characteristics of author perfumes?

  1. · High quality raw materials
  2. · Original vision that excites and stimulates
  3. · The value of the artisan
  4. · Selective distribution
Niche fragrances

The primary difference between niche perfumes and conventional perfumes is found in the concept behind the brand. An author's perfume seeks to evoke a sensation, a memory, a mood ... it is an artistic expression. They also have no gender, they are unisex.

Orto Parisi

The price of niche perfumes depends largely on the quality of the ingredients used, and on their commercial distribution. Being a minority product, it is logical that its costs are higher, but it is possible to find author fragrances with prices similar to the most commercial perfumes. In general, they tend to be around € 100 and up.

There are also less known brands that have suggestive products. In addition, there are always opportunities to find high quality perfumes with discount for packaging change, discontinuity of a product, etc. In our special prices section we have a very interesting selection of perfumes at unique prices.

Rundholz Parfums

Niche perfume houses that you should know

Who buys a niche perfume acquires a unique perfume, oblivious to marketing strategies. That is why it is sometimes more difficult to access them. Next, we would like to introduce you some niche brands and perfumes you cannot miss:

Genetic Bliss by 27 87

A classic of the future

Olfactory family: Woody

Genetic Bliss is a molecular perfume designed to adapt to the natural and genuine aroma of the body. As special as it is independent, it can be combined with other fragrances of 27 87 creating a totally unique aroma. For those who decide to be themselves.

Lucrecia & Borgia by La Comercial

Olfactory stories

Olfactory family: Woody

Ramón Monegal is the fourth generation of a family of perfumers who began his career as a nose at Myrurgia, the family business. Lucrecia and Borgia are a collaboration in which, together, we travel to the Italian Renaissance at the hands of the controversial amoral myth, Lucrecia Borgia.

Tuberosis by Laboratorio Olfattivo

Emotional experiences

Olfactory family: Floral

In Tuberosis, Jean-Claude Ellena's spikenard has a green and persuasive freshness. The perfumer took his time for the flower to grow and gradually show all its nuances in the different stages. The fragrance literally blooms on the skin.

Concrete by Comme des Garçons Parfums

Anti-Conventional Fragrances

Olfactory family: Woody

The leitmotif of all CDG creations is to stimulate the senses and shake the conscience. In Concrete, the ubiquitous and trivial concrete that reigns over our urban landscapes, offers here an unprecedented reinterpretation in the refined world of perfumery.

Hindu Grass by Nasomatto

The masculine and the feminine

Olfactory family: Green

Hindu Grass is a perfume that combines the aroma of dried herbs with green fragrances, completely unconventionally. Designed in Amsterdam and manufactured in Italy, Nasomatto fragrances are modern and complex, with incredible lasting power.

Seminalis by Orto Parisi

Innate animalism

Olfactory family: Musk

This peculiar fragrance house celebrates the soul contained in the most unsuspected smells. Seminalis is a stimulating and carnal fragrance that contains Burgeonal, an aromatic aldehyde that helps the sperm to locate the ovum and thus start a new life.

Capri by 19-69

Evocative aromas

Olfactory family: Aromatic

Project that aims to honour the fragrance as an art form through truly transporting compositions. Capri is a fragrance inspired by the iconic film Le Mépris (1963) on the Island of Capri.

Ernesto by Cire Trudon

Since 1643

Olfactory family: Tobacco leather

With almost 400 years of history, Cire Trudon candles are revered worldwide for their artisanal quality. Ernesto's perfume transports us to a hotel in revolutionary Cuba, where the aroma of tobacco is mixed with the smell of the skin and wood of the barrels.

03.Apr.1968 by Rundholz Parfums

The German avant-garde

Olfactory family: Oriental floral

03. Apr. 1968 is a fragrance of few ingredients but very well balanced. Rundholz Parfums follows the same creative line of the firm, and offers a delicate selection of exquisite fragrances for connoisseurs.

Notturno by Meo Fusciuni

Perfume as olfactory memory

Olfactory family: Oriental

Meo Fusciuni creates fragrances that evoke moments of life. Notturno is a fragrance dedicated to the night and the inner search. The poetic and olfactory pyramid of perfume is a dark elaboration that tears and protects, a sensual aroma that envelops.

Where to buy niche perfumes in Barcelona?

There are some shops specialized in niche fragrances in Barcelona. Since the opening of our stores in 2001 at La Comercial, we have been betting on author's perfumery as a key piece of our selection.

Niche perfumes by Cire Trudon

In each store we select the perfume houses most appropriate to the space and the proposal. In addiction, at La Comercial Casa, our establishment dedicated to decoration, we also have a selection of home fragrances and scented candles of high quality, such as those of Maison Cire Trudon, the oldest wax factory in the world, founded in 1643. Their candles have lit the corridors of Versailles, Madame de Pompadour's cabinet and even the prison cell of Louis XVI.

We invite you to visit us and know our olfactory proposal, you can try the best fragrances until you find the one that best suits your personality and your skin. One thing is for sure, once you know this type of perfumery, you can hardly go back to the more conventional perfumery.

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