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27 87 brings the ancient art of perfumery into the 21st century. A feisty perfume brand from Barcelona, which modernizes traditional perfumery combining the finest ingredients and high-quality craftsmanship with a touch of today’s lifestyle. Inspired by tradition, driven by innovation to provoke and evoke extraordinary sensations that make us relive and create new memories.



A cold smoky vibe infused with the mystical sweetness of honey, plum, and ylang-ylang juxtaposed with clean roasted cocoa, leather, and oak moss. A unique mosaic of ancient traditions and contemporary tribal rhythms. Top notes: Yellow mandarin, clary sage, plum.Middle notes : Ylang-ylnag, tobacco, patchouli, honey.Base notes: Mate, roasted cocoa, oak moss.

Rule of 72

Inspired by the Rule of 72, which estimates the time it takes for an investment to double in value, the new fragrance from 27 87 is a tribute to the world of work and elegance. The fragrance evokes risk in the air, a precise calculation associated with determination. Woody, spicy, animalic, Rule of 72 is synonymous with discreet refinement, always...


Contemporary, visionary, and just a tad melancholic, flâneur is infused with the green, faintly bitter scent of absinthe. Contrasted by the warmth of cashmere wood, linden and almond blossom, along with fresh bergamot, elegant cedarwood, and a supportive base of star anis, dry amber and vetiver, it’s a dry, but warm scent that is both nostalgic and...


“#hashtag” is inspired by everyday digitalization. Cool, yet deep and smoky, it combines Somalian incense, Moroccan cedarwood, and iris from the Landes region. Blended with the metallic vibes of fresh aldehydes, it’s a mirror and companion to modern life: grounded with a hint of tech appeal. Top notes: Aldehydes, violet leaves. Heart notes: Iris,...

Genetic Bliss

“Genetic bliss” speaks to our base potential, the essence of who and what we are — the unshakeable. A molecular perfume designed to adapt to your body’s unique natural scent, it’s infused with woody notes like akigalawood, belambre, and creamy sandalwood for a fragrance as singular as your genetic code.* As a molecular perfume, this fragrance does not...


Complete immersion, ecstatic presence — “sónar” delves deep into the scent of community and sound, combining metallic wood and amber with bright Mediterranean bergamot. Subtle beer and burnt rubber accords add a unique bend to a note of tuberose — usually quite sweet — making this a scent to hit all the senses. Top notes: Italian bergamot, pink pepper....


Inhale, exhale, and let go: “hamaca” fuses cool and salty marine accords with grounding Venezuelan Tonka bean, sun – warmed coconut, Madagascan vanilla, and earthy sandalwood to create a scent of pure, unadulterated presence. Top notes: Marine accord. Heart notes: Sandalwood, coconut. Base notes: Tonka bean, vanilla.
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    Inspired by the lust for novelty and exploration, “wandervogel” combines exotic shiso, marine notes, and subtle sand accords, lending it an airy, near transcendent appeal. Combined with a soft note of rare Moroccan mint, it’s a modern interpretation of exploration and lands unseen. Top notes: Mint, shiso leaves, marine accord. Heart notes: Anise, fennel,...

    Elixir de Bombe

    For exceptional moments and rare encounters: “elixir de bombe” unfolds in robust notes of red pepper, ginger, and tangy tangerine. Paired with rock rose, raspberry, and sweet caramel, it’s a scent both confident and slyly sensual. Top notes: Tangerine, red pepper, ginger. Heart notes: Ylang-Ylang, rock rose, raspberry. Base notes: Caramel, leather, amber.
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