Fashion as an artistic expression
Carlos de Barrio interest for fashion as an artistic expression starts from an early age. In the 80's Spain was going throught a political transition, the country was opening itself to the world and fashion was a reflexion of it. Soon Carlos opens his own boutique in Zaragoza, his hometown. La Piscina, an ample space with clothing, shoes and jewelry from renowned brands. In the 90's he starts a new business adventure in Barcelona. It's there were he establishes a comercial network with young designers, creating a showroom, La Comercial. With this new tool he starts the distribution of jewelry and fashion accessories nationwide. During this time he doesn't leave the retail world and starts as a business partner in Fantasy Shop, a concept store located in a important commercial space in the city center.

Recovering the essence of a boutique store
In 2000 Carlos starts his path alone, he continues with the showroom and starts shaping what will become his own space. He takes special interest in a neighbourhood close to the sea, the Born, an area filled with history. The small cobblestone streets take you to another time, the gothic cathedral and the market were the perfect surroundings to open La Comercial Woman. A boutique that offers the city a selected selection of clothing, accessories, shoes and perfumes.

The expansion of the brand
The brand keeps growing until today, with 5 stores in the Born neighbourhood and 3 in the most prestigious hotels in the city: W Hotel, Arts and Renaissance. La Comercial also launched the perfumes Lucrecia and Borgia a tribute to the polemical Lucrecia Borgia, made in collaboration with the perfumer Ramón Monegal. And a limited edition of sunglasses made in collaboration with the exclusive German brand Mykita.
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