Sublime - Blue Tea

The azure liquor reveals a mellow, floral aroma of tender blue butterfly pea flowers and coquelicot seed steeped in morning dew.

Tea type: Blue
Net weight: 80g
Collection: “Thé des Parfumeurs”
Presentation: Collector tin
Preparation: 3 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 5 min

Mariage Frères is a French gourmet tea company, based in Paris. As France's oldest tea merchant, Mariage Frères’ passion for tea has been governed by an aesthetic sense of refinement and a quest for perfection. Founded in 1854, members of the Mariage family were involved in the trade across Persia, the East Indies, and the Moghul Empire as far back at the 17th century. With its devotion to discovering and evolving the best way to unfold the elixir from every leaf it is down to the family’s legacy that the French ‘Art of Tea’ was born.
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