Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream
    Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream

    Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream


    A rapidly absorbed, lightly hydrating formulation that cools, tones, and balances the skin. Contains a blend of purifying citrus-derived botanical oils. Suited to normal and combination skin, and oily skin through cooler seasons.

    Skin feel: Cooled and hydrated with a light finish
    Ingredients: Mandarin rind, lemon rind, tangerine rind
    Capacity: 60ml



    Born from humble beginnings in the wilds of 1987 Melbourne, Aēsop has grown into one of the world’s most sought-after skincare brands. Botanical blends for skin, hair and body are crafted for sensory pleasure as well as exceptional quality, geared towards a healthy body and a sustainable lifestyle.

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