"Rigatone" Spaguetti Box

    "Rigatone" Spaguetti Box

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    Kitchen box for spaghetti in thermoplastic resin. A surreal invitation to the Mediterranean diet, the shape of this jar evokes the archetypical recipe of Italian cuisine. There's even a reminder of the perfect sauce to go with it, in the tomato-shaped knob.

    Designer: Stefano Giovannoni
    Color: Orange
    Dimensions: H31.5cm x 12cm x 9.5cm
    Content: 200cl
    Alessi is an Italian design brand for homeware products. Alessi is regarded as a dream factory: it is where the ideas of some of the most creative minds in the world are transformed into products. Giovanni Alessi founded the company in Omega, Piemont in 1921. From a small metal goods manufacturer, Alessi developed into an internationally renowned design factory - yet has remained a family business. In 1979, Alberto Alessi invited the Italian design wizard Alessandro Mendini to join the team. The creative genius has been the design advisor of the company ever since, and directs its artistic course.
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