Beso Canalla


    A lively departure thanks to the notes of orange and lavender, prompts barefoot walks in the cool sand under the deck of Beso Beach. A meeting of sun and notes gourmands like the toasted sugar spread on the tables, the sandalwood floods the space and the music gives harmony in a moment that you do not want to end.

    Top notes: Lavender, neroli bigarade, bergamot from Sicily, saffron.
    Heart notes: Heliotrope, toasted sugar, cistus.
    Base notes: Sandalwood from India, Patchouli from Indonesia, infusion of amber.



    The Beso Beach Group is made of three restaurants in the paradise vacation areas of Formentera, Tulum and Sitges. The company came up with the idea to launch scents that embody the experience people have at their locations. "We had thought for a long time that the people who visit us should be able to take a piece of Beso Beach back home, so that each time they would put one of those pieces on, they would be transported to our Besos, to the beaches, the surroundings... the good energy of their days at Beso Beach. Those little pieces of Beso are now 5 perfumes: Bendito Beso, Beso Canalla, Beso Feliz, Beso Negro and Beso Pasión."

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