Holygrapie Undercover

    Holygrapie Undercover

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    Eau de Toilette. Jun Takashi presents two new Undercover perfumes - Holygrace and Holygrapie. The two perfumes were inspired by his Grace character and by his child Grapie. Holygrapie is the daughter, the child of the story.

    Fragrance notes: Ginger, tangerine, rhubarb, black pepper, lily, incense, ylang ylang, nutmeg, Australian sandalwood, cedar wood, patchouli, styrax, vetiver.

    Founded in 1969 by designer Rei Kawakubo, fashion house Comme des Garçons has always been known for its avant garde style. In 1992, the artist Christian Astuguevieille met the designer Rei Kawakubo in Japan. From this unexpected encounter, born a true collaboration. Christian Astuguevieille became in 1994, the artistic director for Comme des Garçons Perfume. At all creations he imposed a leitmotiv: "stimulate our five senses, shake our perceptions, always wonder".
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