Eau de Parfum. Trip to the Italian Renaissance. Revival of the classic myth of solemn incense, impregnated with the oud wood and resins of myrrh and opoponax. Elixir prohibited, lavish, and burning, sublimated of osmanthus flower, amber and iris root. Contemporary poem smell, which revives the legendary beauty of Lucrezia and her powerful olfactory image that always preceded her aristocratic presence.

    Fragrance notes: Chinesse osmanthus, mediterranean ciprus, gin berry, lavender flower, italian violet, fir balsam, atlas cedarwood, arabian oud, florentine orris, amber, arabian frankincense, benzoin Siam, opoponax.

    “The tireless traveller, whimsical visionary, devotee of art and design and passionate creator of unclassifiable perfumes is the alma mater of La Comercial, a place that offers the greatest aesthetic range of experiences and emotions, managing to create a world of impulses where everyone who wants to can find their place. It’s a world apart, suitable for all tastes, it’s their world, La Comercial. Cultured, exciting and steeped in history he took me by the hand to an inspiring epoch, the Renaissance. And more than that, he provoked me, seduced me immediately with the exuberant and mythical Lucrezia Borgia, a powerful and amoral myth. She has become my muse for creating this exclusive olfactory history for La Comercial. Thank you Carlos.” Ramón Monegal.

    A member of one of Spain’s most renowned perfumer families, Ramón Monegal has been submerged in the process of creating scents his entire life. A true master of the art, he developed the concept of ‘olfactory image’, a process through which he crafts some of the world’s most distinctive perfumes. Approaching his scents through a strictly artisanal process, Ramón Monegal works with exclusive ingredients to produce luxurious, timeless scents with an undercurrent of Mediterranean passion. This diverse collection ranges from the musky Bravo Oud to the floral aroma of Kiss My Name, offering a scent for every taste and personality.
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