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    The inspiration for Mistpouffer comes from the unmistakable natural sound of the same name. The sound is like a distant cannon fire coming out of the fog öover distant lakes or rivers. Despite scientific efforts to find the sound, the source has still not been identified. As difficult as the sound was, this scent was to detect. Stora Skuggan worked for four years and hundreds of iterations to find the perfect balance between distinctive and inexplicable, natural but in equal parts unnatural.

    Top notes: Immortelle, bergamot.
    Heart notes: Fig leaf, pine, ozone.
    Base notes: Smoke vetiver, malt sugar, cypriol.



    Stora Skuggan is a Stockholm based perfume studio founded at 2015. The brand is run by a small group of perfumers and designers who together combine curious fascination with playful wit to create truly distinctive fragrance experiences. Each fragrance has been created with the aim of being a conceptual idea, a tangible work of art and an aesthetic object, all three dimensions together reflecting the diverse backgrounds of the group. All perfumes are handmade in elegant glass bottles with dimensional spherical lids where each fragrance has its own visual identity with its own image. Drawing inspiration from history, mysticism and pop culture, The Great Shadow offers sophisticated fragrances created with great care. All Stora Skuggans fragrances are based on stories that blur the line between myth and reality. These stories create a small universe around the perfumes and are conceptualized through scent and art. They are central to the brand and express what is unique about Stora Skuggan.

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