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    Next To Me

    Next To Me

    Eau de Parfum. Pure, sophisticated and very exclusive, Ramon Monegal Next to Me is a unique elixir of Indian oud, Turkish rose and Somalian frankincense in graceful presence of Spanish saffron and Russian leather. Inspired by the allegory of power that Dubai emanates, this fragrance was created to conjure up the magical power of fantastic spirits, magicians and genies of the thousand and one nights.

    Fragrance notes: Indian oud, egyptian jasmine, spanish saffron, indonesian nutmeg, somalian frankincense, australian sandalwood, turkish rose, russian leather, spanish labdanum, brazilian tonka.

    A member of one of Spain’s most renowned perfumer families, Ramón Monegal has been submerged in the process of creating scents his entire life. A true master of the art, he developed the concept of ‘olfactory image’, a process through which he crafts some of the world’s most distinctive perfumes. Approaching his scents through a strictly artisanal process, Ramón Monegal works with exclusive ingredients to produce luxurious, timeless scents with an undercurrent of Mediterranean passion. This diverse collection ranges from the musky Bravo Oud to the floral aroma of Kiss My Name, offering a scent for every taste and personality.
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