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    Parfum. Notturno is a fragrance dedicated to the night and intimate research. The poetic and olfactory pyramid of Notturno is a dark work that rip and protects you, a sensual scent that envelops you.

    Top notes: Rum accord, pineapple.
    Heart notes: Ink, leather accord, clove, birch leaf.
    Base notes: Amber, musk, incense, cedarwood.


    Meo Fusciuni is an unusual artistic fragrances collection born from the artistic definition of perfume as olfactory memory. Meo Fusciuni blend fragrances that recall moments of life lived, in a unique and exciting collection, the olfactory vision of a modern and nomad artist. Meo Fusciuni is odorous liquid and matter that contains it, the poetic language that tells it is contained in a fragrance, a journey that lasts a lifetime.

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