Rose Oud

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    A bespoke creation for an Omani prince. Hours spent strolling through the streets of Old Town, soaking up the colours and the incomparable light to recreate this wonder in the form of fine jewellery with floating arabesques, set with diamonds. An unforgettable experience… that paved the way for Rose Oud, the olfactory expression of this sensual and mysterious Orient.

    Top notes: Citrus fruit, Myrtle.
    Heart notes: Rose, Oud, Saffron, Pink Berry.
    Base notes: Cashimere wood, Castoreum, Styrax, Gaiac wood.


    Named after the largest black diamond in the world, the "Black Korloff," Korloff Paris was originally a jewellery house established in 1978. True to the origins of its name, Korloff Paris produces luxury jewellery and goods, such as Swiss watches, sunglasses and fragrances. The first Korloff Paris perfume was released in 1996. It was simply named Korloff, a fruity floral fragrance for women. Since then, Korloff Paris has produced fragrances in ode to "outstanding women" and has also launched in 2010 Korloff Man and Korloff Noir, two two lines of fragrances for men.

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