Rule of 72

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    Inspired by the Rule of 72, which estimates the time it takes for an investment to double in value, the new fragrance from 27 87 is a tribute to the world of work and elegance. The fragrance evokes risk in the air, a precise calculation associated with determination. Woody, spicy, animalic, Rule of 72 is synonymous with discreet refinement, always appreciated.

    Top notes: Cardamom, cypress, geranium, saffron.
    Heart notes: Agarwood, cedar, gayac wood, ylang-ylang.
    Base notes: Leather, patchouli, vetiver.


    27 87 brings the ancient art of perfumery into the 21st century. A feisty perfume brand from Barcelona, which modernizes traditional perfumery combining the finest ingredients and high-quality craftsmanship with a touch of today’s lifestyle. Inspired by tradition, driven by innovation to provoke and evoke extraordinary sensations that make us relive and create new memories.

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