Tuberosis by Jean Claude Ellena
    Tuberosis by Jean Claude Ellena


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    Jean-Claude Ellena

    The tuberose by Jean-Claude Ellena, nose of the fragrance, is a white soliflé with green and persuasive freshness, with all that the tuberose has to offer us. The perfumer took his time to watch the flower bloom and gradually show all its nuances in different stages. The fragrance literally flowers on the skin. Its pure aroma combines opposite olfactory qualities, freshness and warmth, softness and crunchiness, like a real flower in a garden in the morning. This tuberose has not been squeezed and processed. No invasion, no struggle, no fiction and no simplicity. A tuberose of supreme beauty that doesn't strive to seduce, it does so naturally.

    Fragrance notes: Clove, tuberose, coriander, spices, musk.



    Laboratorio Olfattivo was born in 2009 from Daniela Caon and Roberto Drago's love for niche perfumes. The brand has chosen the Eau de Parfum as its desired concentration for its creations, the ideal medium for fully appreciating the quality of the olfactory formulae and raw materials. Given their very unique composition, they can be considered “emotional experiences” that come to life through the sense of smell.

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