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    Eau de Toilette. Yerbamate is a boundless verdant land touching the sky. Fresh notes of tea, citrus and herbs blend with mate, new-mown hay and lavender, with the deep notes of galbanum and aromatic woods.

    Top notes: Citruses, tea, mint, tarragon, brazilian rosewood, ylang-ylang, green notes, grass, mate, hay.
    Heart notes: Lavender, green notes, tea, grass, mate, hay.
    Base notes: Galbanum, french labdanum, oakmoss, patchouli, vetiver, spices, tea, woody notes, powdery notes, green notes.

    The House Lorenzo Villoresi was founded in 1990 in the 15th century family palazzo in Florence and has traced a revolutionary path in artistic perfumery. The underlying philosophy which led to the creation of the Perfumery and Home Fragrances collections is evident in the intrinsic value of the single elements that make up each product. The finest quality ingredients and materials are treated with the utmost care to create exceptional goods. The perfumes of Lorenzo Villoresi represent a universe where the materials, fragrances, and colors of Tuscany meet and harmonise with the spices, essences and influences of the Orient. All aspects of production of Lorenzo Villoresi perfumes are still carried out manually according to traditional methods, requiring time, patience and meticulous care and attention.
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