Ma Vie à Paris - Guide Book

    Ma Vie à Paris - Guide Book

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    This guide with golden edge, it looks enough like a novel to prevent the reader from being confused with a tourist. It is printed with lead blocks on high bulk paper, in one of the last typographic printing presses still professionally producing books in France. The English version has more pages than the original because it has been enriched with dozens of unique, curious and unexpected addresses that open doors unknown even to the greatest lovers of Paris.

    English Version
    Dimensions: 1.82cm x 13.4cm x 28cm
    Astier de Villatte is a french ceramic brand worldwide known for its handmade, black terracotta clay pottery in milky white glaze and its scented candles. Ceramics by Astier de Villatte have uneven forms which are quite thin and based on 18th and 19th century shapes. They are special by their irregular surfaces, occasional air bubbles and organic shapes.
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